Slow Adventure

01 / 13

My practice centres around slow adventure and an exploration of moments that often, for me, have an acceleration of pace. The point when an image, inspired by a particular landscape, view or outdoor environment is ideated in the mind or a shot is taken within a camera.

My methodology is an acknowledgement that the subject and this often-fleeting moment ('a shot') is worthy of a lengthier reflective analysis in order to immerse in and discover a greater appreciation of the fundamental integrants. The process, methods and techniques utilise a slow pace, fragmentation and invite chance and elements of the uncontrolled, perhaps wild.

Prolonging engagement with the subject formulates observations were the data of tone, texture, light and colour are documented and combined in the process. What is created is art of the earth. Artwork were the land and imagery coexist and grow (or deteriorate). Relics from a landscape are perhaps a reflective memory poised as if a postcard shared from an adventure.